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I’m A Woman & I Love Lesbian Porn (You Probably Do, Too)

Let’s be honest here: watching a dude in action is not really a sexual turn-on. I didn’t masturbate until I was in my 20s. I was raised on a steady Mormon diet of “Masturbation is a sin!” so it just never occurred to me as something to do, and anyway it was a sin the […]

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Women have their kinky bisexual fantasies, too!

Fewer women than men have bisexual fantasies according to a study of young people that will soon be published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. There were 799 women among the 1,500 college students asked to rate their sexual fantasies. As far as bisexuals are concerned, women who identify as heterosexual have a lot of […]

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Curious Women Experiment

I have always wondered what it’s like to be with another woman so I took an out on the internet. I had kissed and touched a woman before and that was about it. I was such a turn on that I became more curious. I would’ve gone back to the woman I kissed before, but […]

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Research About Women’s Sexuality

Fifteen years ago, Jane (as we’ll call her) considered herself a lesbian and had since an early age. Then, out of the blue, she fell in love with a man. Their friendship started out platonic—just a guy and girl hanging out—but developed into more, leaving Jane a bit less sure about her sexuality. She was […]

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