The Erotic Life of Bisexual Women

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All Women Are Bisexual

A highly respected sexual therapist I know, shared with me some pearls of wisdom that till this day I treasure and cherish and today I want to share with you…

She described woman/woman sex as the ‘Sacred Sexuality’.

According to her, the erotic expression between women can be a celebration of, and an initiation into the female creative spirit and a revelation to the feminine mysteries.

Female lovers hold the form of feminine power at its most profound, she said.

While enjoying sex with each other, women can embrace a deep inner space and explore the possibility of returning to their original perfection.

Women/women sex can be visionary, interconnected and transformational.

Unfortunately we’ve been always told that the man holds the yang and the woman the yin, and through their sexual union, the energy is balanced.

Yet each, woman or man, contains both yin and the yang energy. These are the rivers of life that spiral upward through the spine.

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