Bisexual Women Story – Jacuzzi Love

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Vicki, a 23 year-old waitress, never really had much time for herself. She was always working in order to provide for herself until she got a better job. She had no idea of when that would be. Vicki was also a bisexual woman, something only a few of her friends and family had accepted. Her mom was still in denial but she didn’t care much anymore. She didn’t need her mother’s acceptance any more than she needed her cat’s acceptance because it simply didn’t matter to her anymore.

Although Vicki was pretty much a workaholic, she actually took a little time every once in a while to relax and have fun. This Friday night she actually ended up going to the inside Jacuzzi at her friend’s community center. She went there a lot to work out for free or just tan by the pool. Tonight she just wanted to sit in the Jacuzzi and relax.

Dressed in her skimpiest bathing suit since there was probably no one else there, Vicki walked in with just her sandals and a towel wrapped around her waist. Her bathing suit was a black halter top bikini and the top barely covered her boobs while the bottom was actually a thong.

Vicki entered the small room where the Jacuzzi was, dropping her towel on the bench and stepping in without even a moment’s hesitation. The room where the Jacuzzi was actually was surrounded by glass. The glass was tinted though and because it was dark outside, it was hard to see inside the room. The only lights on were the lights in the Jacuzzi.

Vicki realized that the water was a little too hot for her liking so she got out and turned the temperature down so the water would be just above warm. She then returned to her seat in the Jacuzzi and sighed.

It was then that the door to the room opened and a brunette entered. She was tall, about 5’9, with an hourglass body and a nice bronze tan. She wore a towel around her body but no bathing suit straps were visible. The woman smiled at Vicki. “Hey. I know you.”

Vicki nodded, just realizing who it was. It was the new waitress at the restaurant she worked out. The girl had only been there for a day so far so that’s why Vicki didn’t recognize her at first. “Hey. Jackie, is it?”

The brunette nodded, sitting down on the bench to the right of Vicki. “I saw you in here and thought you’d want some company. I know your girlfriend Rachel and she told me you come here all the time. I usually come here on Wednesday but I thought I’d just come in and stay with you for a while.”

Vicki smiled. “Oh thanks. And um, Rachel isn’t my girlfriend.”

“Oh really?” Jackie crossed her legs. “I thought you guys were together. You are a lesbian, right?”

Vicki nodded, slightly embarrassed, partly because she had no idea Jackie knew and partly because she didn’t want Jackie to see her thong bikini bottoms. “Yeah, I am. Why?”

Jackie smiled. “Sorry to be nosy. It’s just I haven’t met a bisexual woman in a while. I’m a lesbian too.”

Vicki felt her heart flutter. “I had no idea.”

Jackie nodded, standing. “Yeah. I have been for a while. And…….Can I tell you something?”

Vicki nodded, watching her. “Sure.”

“I really like you and I have ever since I first saw you at the restaurant.” Jackie reached up and pulled her towel away, revealing her naked body. Her breasts were plump, perfect, and tan, maybe a large B or a small C. Her stomach was tight and strapped over her womanhood was a dildo. Jackie dropped the towel on the bench and walked up to the Jacuzzi stairs, her eyes locked on Vicki.

Vicki herself was speechless. Just the sight of Jackie’s body got her excited. She couldn’t wait to make love to this girl but she barely knew her and she hadn’t been with a girl in a while. Could she really do something so big after only knowing the girl for a few days?

Jackie went down the steps into the Jacuzzi and walked straight forward up to where Vicki sat. She placed her hands on the Jacuzzi beside Vicki’s shoulders and pressed her breasts up against Vicki’s. “I hope you like me too.”

Vicki’s breath caught in her throat. “I do,” she managed to whisper.

Jackie moved her head forward and caught Vicki in a passionate tongue-filled kiss. She tilted her head to the side, grabbing a handful of Vicki’s hair with one hand, dipping her tongue deep in Vicki’s mouth.

Vicki moved her hands down into the water and around to Jackie’s back, resting them on the small of her back. She opened her legs and pulled Jackie closer, feeling the dildo rub up against her stomach.

Jackie kept kissing Vicki passionately, swiveling her head from side to side, making sucking noises as they kissed. She kept her right hand on the back of Vicki’s head and snuck her left hand down into the water to massage one of Vicki’s breasts. She slipped her hand up under the bikini top and rubbed her hand around in a circle, squeezing the nipple between her fingers.

Vicki let out a moan, bringing her left hand up to grab Jackie’s breast. She squeezed it and began to massage it as Jackie was doing to her, squeezing the nipple between her fingertips.

Jackie slowed the massaging of Vicki’s breast and ran her hand down Vicki’s stomach under the water, down to her bikini bottoms. She moved her hand down between Vicki’s legs and slowly began rubbing up and down on Vicki’s crotch. She continued to make-out with Vicki, licking and sucking on her lips.

Vicki started to moan in between kisses, Jackie’s fingers over her crotch making her squirm. She pulled her hand away from Jackie’s breast and reached down to grab the dildo. She squeezed it and moved her hand back and forth over it, reaching up with her other hand to run a hand through Jackie’s silky brown hair.

Jackie continued rubbing Vicki’s crotch, slowly picking up speed. She pulled her other hand away from the back of Vicki’s head and moved to untie the strap around Vicki’s neck that held up her bikini top. When she had it undone, she pulled it down, uncovering Vicki’s plump breasts. She reached around to Vicki’s middle back and undid that strap before fully pulling the bikini top away. She then removed Vicki’s hand from her dildo and placed both of her own hands on Vicki’s hips, pulling out of the kiss. She locked eyes with Vicki, grinning. “I want to fuck you now.”

Vicki smiled. “Be my guest.”

Jackie took hold of the sides of Vicki’s bikini bottoms and slowly pulled them down to her knees and then watched Vicki kick them off under the water. The bottoms floated to the top and then floated away to the other side. Jackie looked down at Vicki’s pussy in the water. “Actually……..Sit on the edge.”

Vicki did as she was told, lifting herself out of the water and sitting on the edge.

Jackie ran her hands up Vicki’s legs and in between Vicki’s thighs. She slowly parted Vicki’s legs with her hands and moved her body forward. She kissed one of Vicki’s nipples and then sucked on it, running one hand over Vicki’s warm and wet pussy. She flicked her tongue over the tip of the nipple, bit it lightly, and sucked on it. A few seconds later she moved over to the other breast and began sucking on that nipple.

Vicki tipped her head back, moaning. She placed her hands on the ground behind her, holding herself up.

Jackie pulled her mouth away from Vicki’s voluptuous breasts moments later and moved her head down to her pussy. She teased her, flicking her tongue over her clit a few times, causing Vicki to gasp. She then ran her tongue up and down her pussy, licking up the little bit of juice that there was on the outside.

Vicki gasped a few more times before letting out a moan. This was why she hated foreplay. It drove her crazy.

Jackie ran her tongue up and down a few more times before pulling the flaps of skin apart and dipping her tongue down in as far as it could go. She placed her open mouth over Vicki’s pussy and began sucking and licking the inside, sucking out every drop of juice.

Vicki contracted her pussy over and over, moaning and whimpering. She bent her back and bucked her hips forward a bit, placing one hand on the back of Jackie’s head in order to push Jackie’s face in deeper. “Jackie! Uh! Uh! Uh! Jackie! Uuuuhhh!” Her moans slowly turned to screams of delight, her hips shaking now. She could feel an orgasm coming on, Jackie’s tongue sending tingles all over her body just by the way it was moving in and out. She continued to buck her hips forward, looking down at Jackie’s mouth and her own pussy. Her juices were flowing out now and she could feel herself hitting her peak.

Jackie continued to lick up Vicki’s juices, getting it all over her own mouth. She placed her hands on Vicki’s hips, trying to hold her in place because the way Vicki’s hips were shaking and bucking was making it hard for her to do her job. After a while, Vicki let out a loud scream and that was when Jackie realized that she was having her orgasm.

Vicki fell back onto her elbows and let out a serious of high-pitched moans and screams, her lips shaking around. “Oooooohhhh shiiiiit!!! Oh! Shit shit shit! Aaahhh! Jackiiiiiiieee!!! Huh! Huh! Huh!”

Jackie pulled her head back a few inches and watched as juices squirted out of Vicki’s pussy, her hips rattling around and her legs kicking crazily. She smiled, enjoying the sounds Vicki was making.

It wasn’t until about fifteen seconds later that Vicki’s orgasm stopped and she was able to breath although it was labored breathing. She sat up and looked down at Jackie’s smug face. “That was good…….really good.”

Jackie smirked. “Glad to be of service. Now come down in here with me.”

Vicki slowly lowered herself into the water and sat down.

Jackie moved her head forward and stuck her tongue in Vicki’s mouth, kissing her slowly and sensually. She pulled away moments later, still smiling. “I think you’re ready for the dildo now.”

Vicki shivered in anticipation. “I think I am too.”

“Just relax.” Jackie got up on her knees on the seat in the Jacuzzi and placed Vicki on top of her, spreading her legs so that they were on either sides of Jackie’s hips. She then took the dildo in her hand and guided it up to Vicki’s pussy, letting the tip rub against it. “You ready?”

Vicki nodded, wrapping her arms around Jackie’s neck.

Jackie placed one hand on the edge of the Jacuzzi beside Vicki and looked down, watching herself as she slowly pushed the dildo into Vicki who gasped when it first went in. When it was a couple inches in, she pulled her hand away from the dildo and placed her hand on the other side of Vicki on the edge of the jacuzzi.

Vicki held her breath as the dildo went in a couple more inches, slow and easy. It then went in another few. “It’s so big,” she whispered to Jackie. “I can feel it inside me…”

“Does it feel good?” Jackie asked, pushing it in another inch, almost all the way in.

Vicki nodded, closing her eyes. “Yeah. It does.”

Vicki pushed it in the rest of the way before pulling back out halfway and thrusting her hips forward hard. She heard Vicki gasp as she pulled back out and thrust it back in.

“Faster,” Vicki pleaded, picking her chest up so that her breasts rubbed up against Jackie’s, their hard nipples cold.

Jackie did just that, moving her hips back and forth quicker each time. After a while she was slamming the dildo into Vicki’s tight pussy, bucking her hips forward hard and fast. She gripped the edges of the jacuzzi, getting hornier by the second. Vicki’s moans didn’t help much either.

“Ooooh, it feels so good!” Vicki shouted, the dildo going deep inside her. She wrapped her legs around Jackie’s waist, arching her back a little. Each thrust inside her got her even hotter and it felt good in the jacuzzi water.

Jackie gritted her teeth, jamming her eyes shut as she continued to pump the dildo in and out of Vicki. She kept going at the same pace, quick and hard, backing Vicki up against the wall of the jacuzzi.

A couple minutes later, Vicki’s moans escalated to screams that let Jackie know that she was coming close to another orgasm.

Jackie moved her head down and began sucking on one of Vicki’s breasts again, feeling herself sweat. Her own breasts jiggled as she moved her hips back and forth, still pumping the dildo at the same rate. Apparently, Jackie sucking on Vicki’s nipple quickened the orgasm because soon enough, Vicki was shaking around again, screaming and grunting in pleasure.

Vicki felt her pussy tighten and loosen and tighten again, an overwhelming sensation coming over her. She dug her nails into Jackie’s back, stretching out her legs and wiggling her hips around, her juices squirting out into the water. She bit down onto her lip a few times to cut off her own noise but that did nothing to stop her from shrieking in pleasure. “Oh Jackie! Ooooohhh! Aaaaagh! Uh!”

Jackie slowed her pumping and pulled the dildo out as Vicki’s orgasm finished. She began kissing Vicki’s neck as the girl tried to catch her breath.

“That was amazing. I’ve never had two orgasms before.” Vicki reached down to feel the dildo. “I think it’s time for me to pleasure you.”

Jackie pulled her head back. “I’d have to agree.”

Vicki placed both hands in the water and undid the dildo, pulling it away from Jackie’s body. She then took Jackie’s hand and led her out of the jacuzzi. Vicki grabbed her towel and Jackie’s towel and laid them down together before lying Jackie down on the towels. She strapped the dildo to herself and laid down on top of Jackie. “I’ll try my best to give you the pleasure that you gave me,” she whispered in Jackie’s ear.

Jackie nodded, smiling. “Give it a shot, babe.”

Vicki moved over to Jackie’s lips and kissed her lightly, barely brushing her lips against Jackie’s. She then ran her tongue over Jackie’s lips and dipped it in a couple times. She bit down on Jackie’s bottom lip before opening her mouth wide, tilting her head to the side, and shoving her tongue deep in Jackie’s mouth.

Jackie responded by accepting her tongue and opening her own mouth as far as she could, tilting her head the other way.

While Vicki kissed Jackie, she moved one hand down to Jackie’s wet pussy, rubbing one finger over her clit, up and down and around in a circle. This caused Jackie to moan but she wasn’t done yet. Only half-concentrating on making out with Jackie, Vicki slowly pressed one finger in Jackie’s pussy, moving it in and slowly. She was delighted to hear Jackie moan and continued, switching it to two fingers. She could feel Jackie’s juices all over her fingers and continued the pace, her fingers going in smoothly. After a while, she pulled out of the kiss and moved down to Jackie’s hips.

Jackie spread her legs for Vicki, gripping the towel in her hands.

Vicki dipped her head down in between Jackie’s legs and waisted no time in eating her out, licking her up furiously. She didn’t miss a single drop, her tongue moving quickly and deep, Jackie’s moans getting louder and her breath getting heavy.

“Vickie, you’re good. Ooooooh, you’re so good,” Jackie said in between moans.

Vicki half-smiled a minute later when Jackie started to wiggle around, moans loud and screams loud.

Jackie wriggled her hips around, her pussy tightening, screaming Vicki’s name. “Vickiiiiiii! I’m coming!!! Oh my gosh, I’m coming!”

Vicki waited as Jackie’s juices squirted out, splattering all over her face. She was surprised at the amount of cum, watching amused as Jackie lifted her hips up off the ground, screaming.

When Jackie’s orgasm finally ended, Vicki laid down on top of her and placed the dildo at the opening of Jackie’s pussy. “I’m gonna fuck you senseless now,” she told her.

Jackie wrapped her arms around Vicki’s neck and picked her legs up, wrapping them around Vicki’s waist. “Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard. Real hard.”

Vicki immediately shoved the entire dildo into Jackie, making Jackie shout out and curse. She pulled her hips back and bucked the entire dildo back in, feeling it enter smoothly. With each thrust, she picked up the pace, her hips bucking hard and forcing the dildo in all the way. After about a minute, she was moving as fast as she could, breathing as if she were running a mile. Jackie’s moans were enough to keep her going and after a while Jackie started to scream, getting her even more excited.

About ten minutes later, Jackie hit her orgasm and started moving her hips with Vicki, tightening her pussy around it. She started screaming and cursing again, her hips shaking wildly. “Fuck! Ah, fuck! I’m coming again! Fuck! Vicki! Fuck! Ooooh, I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Jackie’s orgasm lasted much longer than both of Vicki’s combined and she squirted out tripple the juices, soaking the towel below them.

By the time Jackie’s orgasm finished, Vicki was out of breath. She sat up and removed the dildo, setting it on the bench.

Jackie sat up as well and placed both of her hands on the back of Vicki’s head, kissing her deeply. She pulled away seconds later, sweat matted on her forehead and her hair in disarray. “That was so good, baby.”

Vicki kissed her, grabbing her breasts and squeezing them a few times as she did so. “I’m glad we got to do it together.”

They both got their stuff together and re-dressed. They left holding hands and said their goodbyes before going their seperate ways. Neither of them knew that their friend Rachel had been watching the entire time.

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