Bisexual Women Story: My First Kiss With A Girl

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I would love you also to read this, Bisexual Women Story. A story that will make you realize that First Kiss is Awesome.


I started to realize that I was attracted to girls more than boys at the age of 14, however, I told myself “no, you have to date boys!” and I did, but the relationships never lasted as I could never actually kiss the boys more than a quick tight lipped peck. I used to get strange looks from the girls in my class as I found myself staring at them… I never even told my best friend, steph, I was scared it would ruin our friendship, she was one of those girls who was always flirting with the boys, so if I told her I was lesbian, or even worse, that I had a crush on her, I imagined it would probably of freaked her out or something.

So about 2 years passed and I kept my secret , steph used to like to do my hair and my nails and makeup, every time she did this it sent tingles up my spine, just the feeling of her hand brushing against my skin. I longed to tell her I loved her, but I knew I couldn’t however after a breakup with her boyfriend she shouted “i give up! boys are so….. STUPID!” she was very upset, and halfway through the school day we sat on a bench, I listened to her talk about about her boyfriend non stop, I was starting to look a little bored, she got a little annoyed and said “you don’t even care do you!?” I smiled at her and said “yeah, I do!”, she seemed to calm down a little and she said “I’m starting to get a bit curious you know, about girls, maybe you can help me with that, I notice you seem to give me strange little looks and that, so it got me wondering….”

I sighed, a bit scared to admit it, but I did “yes, your right, I think I’m lesbian” she smiled at me, this was completely the opposite reaction I had expected, and what surprised me next was steph asking “can I kiss you to see what its like?” I must of nodded really quick,and with enthusiasm because she laughed at me, the moment that followed changed my life….. she admitted to me she was bisexual a few weeks later and asked me “do you want to be my girlfriend?” I said yes and we went out for a few months, but then we split up, it was ok with me really, steph was dating another boy, were still friends and I thank her because I longed for so long to be able to come clean about being a bisexual woman, and she took it seriously and even confessed to me that she was bisexual, which I would of never thought her to have been, I have a new girlfriend now though, her name is Chloe, and it seems to be going very well, although before chloe I had a girlfriend called sophie, who I found out is one of those “I’m pretending to be bisexual woman so I can get all the guys turned on”…. I hate people like that. but chloe is a lesbian too, definitely, and we love each other very much.


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