How Bisexual Women Are Unique

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How Bisexual Women Are Unique
1. We don't need to be politically active to protect our “rights” so many of us are not politically active, unless we feel so inclined. Don't hold that against us, please.
2. We are usually inclined to spend most of our time taking care of our family, kids, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend or involved in things usually associated with straight women. We are very busy living life and enjoying it.
3. When we do make time for ourselves, we'd rather spend time with our girlfriends, engaging in “playtime” activities, not waging war against the “enemy” or holding signs in parades.
4. Most of us are a little self-absorbed but warm-hearted and ready to help those in need, offer a shoulder to cry on and a word of encouragement.
5. We prefer to “make love, not war” so you won't usually read about us in the headlines unless it's regarding our skyrocketing careers, love interests, or latest accomplishments.
6. We usually have a pretty good understanding of men and happen to like them, as a general rule. There are creeps and low-lifes in all genders, but we reserve that designation for the individuals who deserve it, rather than lump them all together.
7. We are very non-judgmental, having experienced the receiving end of narrow-minded, mean-spirited, ignorant accusations, assumptions and gossip. We do not discriminate as a rule, against anyone who lives their life in the way that suits them, without harming others. This is a remarkable quality of the bi girl, as we are the most discriminated against by both gays/lesbians and straights.
8. We aren't sleazy, bed-jumpers ready to ruin a couples' relationship or offer ourselves as a sacrifice for the threesome-hungry boyfriend of some unsuspecting naive girl. We may have had our substance abuse problems, but that is because we focus inward with our problems, instead of lashing out at others.
9. We love to be sexy, think beautiful women should celebrate their beauty, are not offended when others celebrate beauty and understand why everyone loves a pretty girl. Not all of us are raving beauties, but that's okay because we know we have so much to offer and beauty is one small part of that.
10. We are romantic and want to be wined, dined, loved, adored and treated like the wonderful, loving creatures we know we can be with those who appreciate us. It matters not to us what gender those people inhabit, only who and what they are as whole persons.
11. In our own small, personal way, we spread our philosophy of life to others, one person at a time, in the hopes that others will grow and learn to be more accepting of others whose lifestyles are not familiar or understood, yet just as valid. We do what we can as we go through life to make the way for others less painful and more enjoyable.
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