9 Lesbian Myths, Debunked

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Grabbing another nice post from www.cosmopolitan.com…

I’m out for breakfast with my extended family. Our group is large, and lots of conversations are going on. Somehow, the topic turns to lesbians. An aunt sitting a few seats away loudly asks: “Ariel, how many lesbians are there in the world?”

“334,263,984,” I say. Just kidding. Actually, I answer, “Uh, I don’t know.” And feel awkward. And like I have a giant LED board across my chest reading Lesbian! Below are the top lesbian myths or misconception about lesbians…


Myth 1: Lesbians know everything about lesbians.

How many of us there are, how we have sex, if we were born that way — I can answer only for myself. You’ll have to ask the other 334,263,983 for their story. That said, I will now proceed to speak for all lesbians as I debunk some other myths.

Myth 2: Lesbians are vegetarians.

A familiar scene: I’m at a dinner party, and the host has prepared some delicious roast-chicken dish. He or she then turns to me and says, “Oh! And Ariel, we made something vegetarian too.” (I’m not a vegetarian.) Because, I suppose, if a woman doesn’t want to put a penis in her mouth, all other meat must be off-limits as well?

Myth 3: Lesbians love cats.

Here we have some crossover with a stereotype about spinsters, who, like lesbians, don’t have men in their lives, a void they supposedly fill with animals called pussy. Cats are fine and all, but frankly, the majority of lesbians I know are obsessed with pit bulls.

Myth 4: Lesbians hate men.

The people who consistently complain about men are straight women. Lesbians don’t care. If we want to be friends with a man, we will. If we don’t, we, unlike straight women, have no needs that can be met only by men. In general, people hate others when they need something they’re not getting from them. Anything else is just finding someone annoying. (I will also add that not all lesbians share men’s assumed love of sports. I suck at and know absolutely nothing at all about sports.)

Myth 5: In a lesbian relationship, one woman is “the man.”

My girlfriend, Charlotte, and I recently met up with an old friend of hers. Charlotte said, “We’re gonna see a movie later.” Her friend responded: “In a lesbian relationship, does someone take on the role of ‘the man’?” Neither Charlotte nor I appear especially masculine. But somehow, many people believe that unless it’s been established which woman takes on that crucial role of “the man,” the relationship can’t function. What does “the man” even mean? The person on top during sex? The one who insists on driving? The one who more often pays? I know plenty of straight relationships in which the woman claims all these roles. Continue reading here.

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