Unique Masturbation Tips For Women

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If you’re someone who doesn’t get off from penetration alone, congratulations, you’re among the 82 percent of women who can’t orgasm just because a penis or dildo is inside them. Welcome! It’s nice here.

That said, you’ll probably have more luck getting yours in other ways, like stimulating your clitoris. In order to help yourself and help others understand how you want to be touched, it never hurts to go back to basics. Behold, a non-exhaustive list of ways to touch, rub, stroke, or whatever your clit.

1. Try some lube.

Sex and relationships educator Kate McCombs suggests putting a quarter-sized drop of lube on your fingers and using it to gently massage your clitoris. You can also put your fingers on either side of your clitoris and move slowly up and down your inner labia, AKA the folds of skin immediately surrounding your clit. The lube lets you slow down and really focus on smooth, continuous motions so you can figure out what feels good. Not everyone likes friction!

2. Try circular motions.

Some women find that consistency, rather than increased pace, is what gets them off. To test this theory, use one or two fingers to make steady circles around or on the top of your clitoris. You can vary up the speed, but once you find something that feels good, try and stick with it for a few minutes and see what happens.

3. Try light taps.

A twist on the above: still steady, but this time, make it a tapping motion! This can tire out your hand after a bit but it allows you to play with pressure. Do you like taps that feel a bit heavier, like a rub, or lighter, like a cool ocean breeze here to deliver you bomb-ass orgasms?

4. Try going double time.

This strategy comes courtesy of OMGYes, a site devoted to understanding how women get off. Try using both hands. One hand slowly circles the entrance of your vagina without penetrating, while the other draws circles on your clitoris more quickly. The increase of sensation variety might be exactly what you need

5. Try it on your stomach.

Put your thing down, flip it, and reverse it. If you’re someone who’s into rubbing your clit against a surface (#TBT dry humping), you might want to see what happens when you masturbate face-down on your bed. That way you can still use your hands, but you’ll also be free to grind against your mattress or a pillow for a little extra oomph. Continue reading here.

Top 10 Masturbation Tips for Women

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