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Bisexual Bachelor Promo

This is a great idea on bisexual bachelor promo. Hilarious and crazy how those women got married. Would love to watch this show! Are you in a relationship? Do you belong to the LDR or Long distance relationship? Here’s are great tips for long distance lovers! Long Distance Relationship Tip 1: Be clear on your […]

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Two and a Half Men Bloopers with Hot Girls!

This clip only covers the outtakes with the hot girls! Well except for the first one coz’ it was too funny not to keep in. Charlie Sheen is the funniest man alive. For more hot, sexy and erotic stories visit or hop in to my personal erotic website @

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New City Girls Sizzle

A nice video about illuminating the dimly lit world of bisexual women and the curiosity to experience each other sensually, without the labels of mainstream sexuality. A great article about dating bisexual women How Do I Ask a Girl Out? I am a 16-year-old girl, a sophomore in high school and for two years now […]

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Slow Motion Arabic at Viper Room

A sexy video on slow motion Arabic dance, a crowd favorite performed at Viper Room that was choreograph by VRomeo. For more hot, sexy and erotic stories visit or hop in to my personal erotic website @

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Interview with a Bisexual Girl!

I like this interview with a Bisexual Girl! I think most have never been given the opportunity, that is why they don’t know for sure, but I think the thoughts should have been there guaranteed. Women find that they desire emotional closeness with men and not women. Most rarely enjoy the sensual company of women […]

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Bisexuality Is Real – Obvious Study

Interesting issues on bisexuality is real, North Western University conducted a study on this and showing that in fact bisexual men does exist and are attracted to both men and women. Bisexuality is real and we exist! Bisexuality isn’t confusing – Bisexuals aren’t confused… No, they’re really not – it’s people’s attitudes to bisexuality that […]

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