The 9 Best Things About Being Bisexual

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It’s not always easy being bisexual. Between stereotypes of oversexed, unfaithful bisexuals and social pressure to “pick a side,” not to mention the fact that bi people are more likely to be closeted and face higher rates of depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and intimate partner violence, coming out as bisexual can be enormously challenging. But there are also lots of things, big and small, that are joyful and worth celebrating. So since June is LGBT Pride Month, let’s talk about why being bi (or pansexual or polysexual or otherwise attracted to more than one gender) is awesome!

1. You never have to question your sexuality because you’re attracted to someone. If your identity includes being open to folks of all genders and gender presentations, then scoping out that cute girl/hot guy/sexy genderqueer person on the dance floor doesn’t call for a reevaluation of yourself and your life — it just calls for working up the nerve to go ask for their number.

2. You’re revolutionary just by existing. It’s definitely frustrating that so many people struggle with recognizing bisexuality as a legitimate orientation, even in today’s progressive social climate. Still, it can be pretty satisfying just to keep being bi and awesome, refusing to pick a side or conform to anyone’s stereotypes, and prove them wrong without ever having to say a word. Every time you correct someone’s misconceptions about what bi people are like, you’re sticking it to the man (or woman) just a little bit. And doesn’t that feel good?

3. You can easily give up men or give up women without giving up dating. Everyone’s had that awful breakup that makes you want to wash your hands of the gender that broke your heart — at least for a few weeks. For a straight girl or a lesbian, that’s gonna mean a period of celibacy, which isn’t always a bad thing if you need it to regain your emotional equilibrium. But if you’re bi, you can swear off men for a year and still get laid every night.

4. You can pursue a relationship with anyone you think is rad, regardless of gender. It’s hard enough to find someone who shares your sense of humor, challenges you intellectually, turns you on, and your BFF approves of — can you imagine how much more difficult that would be if you took half the human race out of the running, right off the bat?

5. You have a built-in jerk repellent. Yes, lots of people won’t date bi folks because they’re clinging to ridiculous stereotypes about bi people being cheaters or “just greedy” (ugh). But you know what? Those people are jerks and you don’t want to date them anyway! Aren’t you glad you found out now, instead of after you started sharing a sock drawer? Continue reading here.

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