Bisexual Celebrities

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Bisexual Celebrities – Celeb ladies: Why all the girl-on-girl talk?

Stop the presses – Rihanna has revealed that she has the hots for Cheryl Cole! First she said Cheryl was “the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” adding, ” How do you have a face like that, with hair like that and dimples, and a body like that, that’s proportioned like that?” But now she’s gone one further and said she’d like to watch Chez, er, do housework! Rihanna told Esquire, “I would just like to watch her work. Preferably cleaning things on the floor. Picking up stuff on the floor. Bending over. She’s hot! I mean, literally… she’s so beautiful.”

Rihanna and Katy Perry (© Wire)And Cheryl returned the favour, calling the Barbadian babe her “girl crush”.

Get a room, you two! But wait – there’s a little love triangle thing going on with Katy Perry, who said she plans on having sex with her BFF Rihanna and also admitted that she fancied Chezza when they filmed The Graham Norton Show together (they even mock-kissed for the camera).

   “They’re claiming to have bi-curious lifestyles and teasing us ordinary folk to get in the papers, sell more albums and titillate men.”

But the (some would say sad) reality is that these women are all straight; none of them has publicly been with a woman and both Katy and Cheryl have been married! They’re claiming to have bi-curious lifestyles and teasing us ordinary folk with saucy quotes about fancying women in order to get in the papers, sell more albums and titillate men, not necessarily in that order.

The current ‘trend’ for bisexual pop singers started with Katy singing I Kissed A Girl. She’s never actually admitted to having any lesbian experiences but she did nothing to quell rumours about her sexuality after the song was released. Not that I’m complaining, but it’s obvious they’re only playing – so who’s being played, us or them? Katy, Cheryl and Rihanna are not going to get down and dirty in the sheets – they know that, we know that – so who does it hurt if they pretend to the press that they are?

Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry: New BFFs

Using your sexuality as a marketing ploy is old news. Christina Aguilera is one star who has teased her fans about fancying women for years. She said told Zoo magazine, “I find it hornier looking at women than men. Sorry, I love experimenting with my sexuality. If that means with girls, so be it.” More power to her, but the truth is that she’s been married and is now in a serious relationship with another bloke. The only woman Christina has kissed, as far as we know, was Madonna on stage at the 2003 MTV Awards. Again, that was titillation for the masses.

Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry (© Press Association)Some actually act on it (or pretend they do). A few years ago Megan Fox announced she was bisexual and that she had seduced a Russian stripper when she was 18. But years later she admitted it was a fabrication, telling Elle magazine that she lied to interviewers about the relationship being physical. “Not all of it is true. In fact, most of it is bulls**t. I never said she was my girlfriend! I just said that I loved her, and I did love her,” Megan explained. “The real story is more sobering. It’s not a sexy, fun-time, fantasy story. But that’s not the story you tell GQ.”

Even Adele, who claims to be all about the music, has confessed to wanting one night with Rihanna and said that her crush started when she saw her strip off on X Factor. Adele told The Sun: “She had pinstripe flares on. She whipped them off and there were her stunning thighs. I said to all my girlfriends, ‘Are you feeling a bit gay right now?’ If Rihanna wanted me, I’d do it with her. She’s hot.”

    “Basically, they’re pretending to be turned on by women, in order to turn on men.”

These women are playing at being gay for their benefit of their heterosexual male fans. It’s naughty, it’s controversial, it gives fans a thrill – but it isn’t cool. Jessie J, an actual real-life bisexual, is annoyed that bisexuality seems to be ‘the next big thing’ and said she rarely gives an interview without being asked about it.

“I’ve never denied it. Whoopie doo guys, yes, I’ve dated girls and I’ve dated boys – get over it. If I meet someone and I like them, I don’t care if they’re a boy or a girl,” Jessie said, adding on Twitter: “Really annoys me when newspapers put ‘Jessie J the bisexual singer’ would they put ‘Beyoncé the straight singer’?”

No they wouldn’t – and you can blame Katy, Rihanna et al for making bisexuality (or fake bisexuality) trendy among pop tarts. The more they flaunt it in articles and music videos and photo shoots, the more Jessie and others will be asked about their sex lives, in a way male pop stars will never be.

But it’s not all bad – women’s sexual adventurousness is being encouraged and that’s got to be a good thing surely? It’s just a shame that the main reason that these poppets are faking bisexual tendencies is to play up to the ultimate male fantasy. Basically, they’re pretending to be turned on by women, in order to turn on men.

Who runs the world? Sorry Beyoncé, but judging by the behaviour of your pop cronies, men still run the world.

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