Bisexuality Beliefs

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I hope by now, you know that most of our beliefs are not really our beliefs BUT the beliefs we have adopted from our well intended parents, tutors or teachers.

What we believe about sex was also one day deeply embedded in our subconscious mind by other people and the worst part is we didn’t even realize it!

Let me share a story with you of how I suddenly realize my belief systems were all messed up. You see, I was completely unaware that in some countries in Europe being naked is natural, you will see nudist and topless beaches all over the place. After all in the U.S. being naked in most places is a cause of embarrassment.

I remember a few years ago visiting a friend in Finland, her parents had a beautiful cottage close to one of the lakes outside Helsinki.

During my stay, her parents asked us if we wanted to join them for one weekend on the cottage and my friend was very enthusiastic about showing me the Finish outdoors so, we gladly joined them.

That weekend, my friend, her mum and dad, myself and her 2 brothers (one aged 18 and the other one aged 16) drove for 1 ½ hours to their wilderness cottage outside Helsinki.

To my surprise, the first thing they did when they arrived was to get butt naked right in front of me and rushed into the sauna. Can you imagine how I felt when I suddenly saw my friend’s dad hairy balls right in front of my face?

And worse… when I saw her 16 year old brother also naked asking me to undress and join them in the sauna?

At first, I had no clue what to do and not to be disrespectful, I shyly undressed, wrapped myself around a towel and joined the family inside the sauna…

For crying out loud! Not even my mother had seen me naked since I was 11 years old and suddenly I was sitting inside a sauna with my friend and her entire family and we were having a “normal” conversation while I was doing all possible not to stare directly into her 16 year old brother’s dick that was the size of a baseball bat!

My god! The kid was hung like a Greek donkey!

After that crazy experience, I started asking myself how was it possible that I felt so awkward in that situation while they were so naturally comfortable.

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  1. Jay says:

    If I were hung like that guy, I wouldn’t mind being naked either. And my wife has told me that if she had a hot smoking body, she wouldn’t want to get dressed ever!

    It’s just a matter of culture, I live in the tropics, women here wear mini skirts and super high heels to work and even grocery shopping every day. That would get you fired in the states. My wife who is originally from the states has adopted the skirts or shorts and 6″ heels every day “dress code” here. We went to visit her family back in the states last summer and she put on jeans and high heels and people were calling her names (not nice names) everywhere she went.

    I honestly think that a lot of people in the states frown at nudity or showing skin or wearing high heels because they can’t or they are embarrassed to. If they tell you otherwise, like, “moral values” that’s an excuse, they wish they could do those things comfortably, but they don’t have the body or confidence to do so.

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